Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hawaii update #2

We are 4 days into our trip to Maui!! We are having so much fun. We haven't done much, but it has been so relaxing!
Parker has been waking up pretty early every morning. So, me and him just hang out in the mornings, we watch cartoons and play until everyone else gets up. Then we go to the pool!

The pool here is so great for Parker. It has lots of waterfalls! It also has a really shallow part (in the picture above) where he can play and not be scared. He is doing better with being in the water. Not loving yet, but we are getting there.

And, of course, his robe!!!

At night we have been going to Luihana and eating at a different restaraunt everynight. So far, everywhere we have eaten has been amazing!!! This is a picture from our table at Bubba Gumps. Isnt is beautiful? I dont think you can beat a sunset in Hawaii.

Here is Parker at Bubba Gumps showing off his sticker!

Me and Mom at Bubba Gumps.

The other night we ate at a place called Cheesburger in Paradise. It was delicious and while we waited we took a few pics!

Me and Parker...this one is for Daddy...we really miss him!!!!

This is how we keep Parker entertained at the restaraunt!! Just give him a basket!

The view from our table! (we always get the best tables!)

The other day we walked down to the beach after Parker woke up from his nap.

This is the view from the path to beach!

We took Parker down there just to see how he would like before we took all of our stuff down there with him. He was in his normal clothes. He wasnt sure about the sand (he doenst like to get dirty!! I think he gets that from his daddy =)
It started raining while we were there, so we found an umbrella to play under until it finished.

Just look at those feet!!
Trying to clean the sand off--not easy!!
This has been a great trip so far. We still alot of stuff we are going to do, but we arent trying to do too much because we just want to relax!! It is just beautiful here and I am so glad we are here. It is the perfect weather for Parker...not too hot and not humid AT ALL! He can actually play outside during the day and not get too hot or too tired.
Ok, I better go but I will update again soon.
We love you Daddy!!!