Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Therapy update and visit to the office

Today Parker had an occupational therapy (OT) follow-up evaluation. I picked him up from daycare right after they fed him lunch. He was sitting in the floor playing with some other kids. I sat outside of the door for a few minutes and watched cute! The therapist said he was much more alert and willing to participate this time (it has been 3 months since his last eval). She said that a normal score is 40-80 and he scored 41 and 43. This is at the very bottom of normal but he still does not qualify for OT. She said his development is right with his physical development. Most babies have to learn fully how to walk, run, and play before they will sit still and try to figure things out. She thinks he will start being like that in the next few months. He just now learning how to walk fast (hasnt figured the running thing out yet). I am happy that he doesnt have to go to OT. She gave us a ton of stuff to work on with him.

Parker was also re-evaluated in Physical Therapy this week. He has gone to PT twice a week for almost 10 months. After his testing his therapist changed him to once a week!!! Can you believe it! His scores have gone up some and she just thinks he is doing great. She also thinks that daycare will help him enough that he only needs to come in once a week. Wow, I remember Parker's firt day of therapy...

...he screemed the entire time!!! He only lasted a few minutes before he was too exhausted to continue. The screeming lasted for about 3 months (his therapist is a very patient woman!!) and after a couple of months he could go the entire hour. When he started ( at 10 months old) he couldnt even sit up by himself or lift his head off of the floor when laying down. Now he can do this....

When Parker started therapy he could only sit in his bumbo for about 1 minute before he got so tired, he would be sweating. He sat in this thing 3 times a day and started lasting longer and longer each day...
I remember the first time he could sit up by himself for a few seconds....
....and then he would start falling forward because his chest muscles were soooo weak...
....and the first time I walked into his room and he had gone from laying down to sitting up all by himself (we worked so hard on this!!!).

First time to roll over!! What an exciting day!
Do yall remember all the contraptions his therapist had us use!....

First there was this red thing, it made him hold his head up, this was so hard for him. he could do it for about 20 seconds! but boy did it work!
Then there was the arm straiteners. Parker had to lay in the red thing with these arm straighteners on so that he would use his arms to hold himself up. It was so hard to get him to use his arms! They were so weak!
Then there was the walker! It took him a while but he could get everywhere in this thing!

Then he could pull himself half way up..
...then all the way!!!
His first steps...

Crossing the finish line at the heart walk all by himself!! I CRIED!!

Now, he is walking all over the place! Just look at how big he is!

He is still working on steppin up onto something and stepping down off of something. He is doing great and Im sure he will continue to do great!

After his OT eval today I just brought Parker back to the office with me for a nap.
Having so much fun at the office!!! He misses me!!!


Karyn said...

What a cutie Parker is! Congratulaions on the good PT news.
Another good thing about daycare is the interaction with other kids-one of my boys would not drink milk-I nursed him for two years. Anyway, the other kids would ask for more milk at lunch and Zach wanted more, too. They told him he had to drink his current cup first. So he drank his milk to get more like everyone else.