Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day Shift

As you all know, Parker started daycare last week. He has been doing great!! So, I decided to sign up for a day shift at the hospital. It is the first day shift I have worked since having Parker 18 months ago. I always worked nights so that Dennis could just take care of Parker while I worked. Now, our situation has changed!! Im not that good of a night person, so I am happy that I can do days now
I worked yesterday, Tuesday. It was hard getting up so early and not getting Parker ready for the day. Everyone was sound asleep when I left for work. Dennis got to take Parker to daycare! He called me when he got to work and said that Parker didnt cry and everything went smooth. I had a really busy day and didnt start eating my lunch around 2:30. At the end of my lunch I get a phone call from Parker's daycare (they have not ever called me!!). I kinda got nervous. She said that Parker has had 3 "yucky" (liquidy) diapers today and he will have to be picked up and we will have to make arrangements for tomorrow because he cant come back for 24 hours!! I am glad that they have such strict rules for sicknesses,but why did it have to happen on the very first day I decided to work at the hospital. I work in the ICU and have two very critically ill patients....I cant leave until 7:00 pm! So, Dennis had to leave work early and go get Parker. Today, Parker is back at the office with me! I love having him with me, but I didnt realize how much work I was getting done the past two weeks! Back to daycare tomorrow...

I have something really exciting to blog about, but I dont want to say anything yet! It has to do with a really awesome trip Parker and I might get to go on (it is kinda far away). Parker has his Cardiology appointment next week and I want to clear it with his doctor first. So, I will share it will yall next week...if we get to go we will leave on June 22 (SOON!!!) Anways, please pray for his appointment next week. Parker hasnt had an echo in 6 months!!! That is a really long time. I think the longest he has ever gone is 2 months.

Hope everyone has a great week!!