Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching up and Praying for Lindsay

I need to catch yall up on what has been going on since I have not been a good blogger this week.
Last week, Thursday, my mom and I drove to Jonesborro to see my sister, Kelsey, perform at cheer camp. It brought back so many memories. I really do miss being a cheerleader.

This is her cheer squad....she is on the front row on the right. Kelsey hurt her leg at camp but she still did so great!

On Saturday we went to the lake for the first time this summer. Parker had fun on the boat but quickly got tired from the sun and heat. He went in with my mom to take a nap. We went back out and had so much fun tubing and just riding the boat. Sadly, I didnt take any pictures!!
On the way back from the lake we got stuck in a traffic jam. An 80 year old man with alzheimers was driving on the wrong side of the interstate (I-30) and hit an 18-wheeler head on. The truck blew up instantly. It was engulged in flames and both sides of the interstate were shut down. Here was the view from our car...

We sat on the interstate for 2 hours. Everyone got out of their cars and just hung out on the interstate. I was very happy that Parker decided not to hate his car seat! He did great. After about an hour I had to use the bathroom and there werent any gas stations in site and we were stuck!! Well. we got so lucky because there was a horse trailor next to us that had a bathroom in it! It was so was just like a motorhome on the inside. We had to promise not to tell anyone else about it! That would have been alot of taffic through their motorhome!
We finally got home about 11:00 and Parker was passed out!

Nothing else has been going on. Just enjoying the summer!!
AND Parker learned to blow his nose!!! I know that any mom knows how exciting this new trick is!!

Remember the little girl that had a heart transplant last week?? She has been doing so great and they were even talking about going home next weekend. Well, yesterday she had a seizure and is now on ECMO (life support). She isnt doing very well and she needs our prayers! It is a scary reminder of how quickly things can change.
One last prayer request...
Tomorrow is Parker's cardiology appointment. It has been 6 months since his last echo. Please pray that his heart looks good and strong. I will update tomorrow.