Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cardiology visit and trip announcement

This morning Parker had his cardiology appointment. Here is Parker during his echo. He did so awesome!!! All we had to do was hold a sucker in the air and he would lick it and was so happy. I was kinda scared at how he would act having to lay still on a table for 30 minutes, but he was great!

The dr said that Parker's echo looked great! His heart function has improved slightly since the last echo. This is great because the last echo they were getting pretty worried about his function. It isnt amazing but it has gotten better (which is amazing to me!!). His valve is still pretty leaky, but he isnt worried about it. Pulse ox was 79, this is a great number for Parker. His dr even brought a med student in the room so he could see what a "normal" blue baby (baby with low oxygen) looks like. Parker is text book. Just look at this would never know he is sick.

We dont have to go back for 4 months!! That is the longest we have every gone without seeing the cardiologist. We also changed up his medications a little. Parker has been in daycare for a few weeks and he takes Captopril (a blood pressure med) in the middle of the day. (i just hate wondering if they gave it to him) so I asked the dr if there was anything like Captopril that only has to be given twice a day. He switched him to Enalapril. He only has to have it twice a day!!! Now Parker only gets meds first thing in the morning and before bed--so weird!! He is still on aspirin, digoxin, and lasix. It seems like he is on hardly any meds!! He is doing so great! The dr did tell me that he was on an adult dose of Captopril (6 mls 3 times a day). So, now he is on an adult does of Enalapril (2.5 mls 2 times a day). It seems to be working for him!
Anyways, it was a great appointment!
Now, for my trip announcement. The dr said it was fine for Parker to go to.....

We are leaving for Maui on Monday!! We will be gone until July 5th. I am so excited but nervous about Parker and the plane ride. Any suggestions for taking a toddler on a long plane ride are welcome!!
I will be blogging pretty often while on our trip because Dennis doesnt get to go (I am going with my mom and sister!). I am gonna post losts of pictures so that he feels like he is there!
Have a great week!


allison said...

Sounds very similar to our visit to the cardiologist...we got a good report too! Joshua made the switch to Enalapril a while back, it is somuch better in my opinion than all that Captopril! Have fun in Hawaii, I am so jealous!!!