Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mallory, shoulders and a wreck

This week I had the pleasure of keeping Mallory for a little while! I took her with me to pick up Parker from school and he was so excited! We stopped and played on the playground for a while.
These two are just about the same size and have so much fun together!

The other night Parker thought riding on Daddy's shoulders was so fun and he especially thought it was fun to have to duck under the door frame.

Since Parker was little he has loved to ride on daddy's shoulders and I have taken pictures every few months of them.
I thought it would be fun to look back at some old pictures of Parker on Daddy's shoulders!

about 6 months

one year (his teeth were so funny!)

3 1/2

Isnt it amazing how much better his color is now? I never realized how blue his lips, eyes and fingers were until he had his third surgery, he looks so pink now! He has grown so much! and turned into a little boy.

And this week we had our first little boy accident. Parker had his first bike wreck. He got a really big scrape on his elbow and one on his finger. Thanks to the Coumadin, they would not stop bleeding!! He woke up with some blood in the bed but nothing too dramatic :) Yesterday and today he has walked around with his right elbow up in the air!

He is fine but Im sure I will be hearing about this new boo boo for a week or two! Im just glad he woke this morning and told me that it was doing better.