Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Football and friends!

This weekend was the beginning of my favorite time of year!! Football season!!....
It means cooler weather!

Parker was actually able to play outside for more than 3 minutes!!

Dennis and I went to watch my brother (he is a junior in high school) play football at my old high school and they won!! Justin did so good and I cant wait to watch him every Friday night!

On Saturday we had a fun football party at Stephen and Sarah's house. The kids played outside, we all ate really yummy food and watched the Arkansas Razorbacks football game.

I just dont think there is anything better than watching football with some of your best friends!

After that we went to the lake with my family for Labor Day celebrations. Sunday was such a fun day. We went on the lake, watched movies and we all practiced shooting my brother's pellet gun (isnt that what all families do on holidays?).

Parker got to shoot his first gun and I will say, he is definitely a fan!! Daddy was so proud =) We all stood in line and waited our turn and whenever it was my turn Parker would tell me "Momma, its OUR turn!"

Monday (Labor Day) was not so fun, I woke up sick sick sick!. I wont tortue you with the details, but there are absolutely no pictures because I was in bed the entire time. And now everyone in my family is getting it one by one. Sorry everyone!! Thankfully, Parker hasnt gotten it. Pray pray pray he doesnt!!

Now, I am on the mend and have a lot of catching up to do!! Cant wait for the weekend...more footbal!!