Monday, August 15, 2011

Parties and school

This past weekend was filled with friend's birthday parties!! On Saturday it was a swim, slip n slide party! I wish I had a video of parker going down the slip n slide. It was so funny because he just wouldnt do it. He would run to the end and then belly flop into the splash pool.

On Sunday, we had a party at the Wonder Place. Parker loves this place!

He played at this train table almost the whole party!

On Friday, Parker got his first note sent home in his back pack! Yes, on the second day of school =) It said that he has been talking during nap time. He is not required to sleep but must allow the other kids to sleep if they want to. So, we talked about this all weekend! Im sure he was just excited about his new friends and school! He did much better yesterday but we will still remind every morning =)

Parker's teacher sends home a news letter every Monday to tell us what they are going to learn that week. This week they are learning the letter "A". There is a song to learn, Bible verse, stories, show and tell and much more that all go with the letter of the week. Last night Parker and Daddy read through the news letter and talked about what he is going to learn this week.
and learned his first Bible verse for the letter A! "All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23.
I am so proud of him! He ran up to the teacher this morning to tell her the verse and she couldnt believe he had already learned it!!
Parker loves his new school and so do we!! Some talking at nap time will be easy to fix =)


Lauren said...

Honestly, there'd be more to worry about if he WEREN'T talking at nap time! =) Love that he is liking school, and I loved the video of him saying his "A" Bible verse. I hope he got the "A" card to go with it. I have a pack that I bough a long time ago put away for S to play with next year. Memories!