Sunday, August 21, 2011


On Friday, Parker came home with this fancy hairdo! He was so excited to show me his hair. One of the teachers that helps Parker's teacher in the afternoon used to be a hair dresser and she said that the kids LOVE it when she does their hair after nap time (and she has fun doing it!). I will just say, when I went to this school...I would have been send home or put in detention for hair like this! They have come a long way!

Dennis and I have had ALOT going on. So we decided to go tot he lake and try to relax for a day.

There wasnt a ton of relaxing but this boy had a blast!!

Parker and Tyler have so much fun together...these boys are going to get into a lot of trouble =)

This is Parker holding up the bridge as we went under (dont you remember doing this as a kid!)

Well, my school starts tomorrow. It is going to be the busiest few months I have ever had but on December 7th I will be a graduate!!