Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer's end

Summer is winding down (not in the weather department!!) and we have been having lots of fun!

All Parker wants to do is swim!
We have been eating snow cones too!

It has been HOT, temps in the 110s! When we get home, this is Parkers new place to lay when he is worn out from the heat! He sits up on the arm rest with a pillow under him.

All of the sudden Parker has become an expert on his bike! We can only ride it early in the morning or late at night but we fit some riding in every day!!

He has gotten so fast we can't keep up with him. So, daddy got a bike to ride with him! Parker was beyond excited!!

Today, Parker got to meet his new teacher at his new school. I think he is already in love with her!! He could not stop talking about his new classroom and his new teacher!! This got me so excited about this coming year!!

He had fun playing in the classroom. He went over to this babydoll, stuck the bottle in its mouth and turned around for a picture!

I am still pretty sad that my little baby is starting K3! He has gone to Montessori school since before he was 2 but this is so different!! It is a structured school environment and he gets to go through the lunch line! Is he old enough for that?!!

I know this post is all over the place but I havent had any time to blog lately. I finished my summer semester and I am about to start the very last semester of graduate school!! Awww!!
I will for sure blog about Parker's first day of "big boy" school at the end of the week (he starts Thursday!!).