Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet gifts

Today Parker came home and was so excited to give me the mothers day presents he had made me in school!!! He gave me a box filled with hugs and kisses and some macaroni art!

He is so sweet, he kept hugging and kissing me and telling me he loves me this much!

After school we played outside until bedtime. I LOVE this time of year!!

Parker is getting so big...he has started calling me mom (so sad). He will wake up asking for a specific pair of underwear and a certain shirt (this morning it was his school bus shirt). Something funny...he has been waking up for the past three morning with his hand asleep (I'm guessing). He will shake it and hit it and tell me to look at it...I think it is pretty confusing for him! So funny!

Heart wise he is doing fantastic. He has so much more energy and is keeping up with the other kids pretty well. Still resting a bit during playtime, but not as much. He doesn't go back to the cardiologist for an echo for two months! I still can't believe the Fontan surgery is behind us...a prayer answered, PTL!!

Happy mother's day!!

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