Thursday, April 21, 2011

Parker, friends and school

This week has been a little crazy! Parker is back in school full time and loving every second of it! He is just so much happier when he has a schedule and a routine. I have been busy wrapping up this semester of school. A few papers and presentations have been turned in. Only a few more papers, one more test and about 44 more clinical hours to complete!! A two week break is in my very near future!!

On Monday night Sarah, Brittani and I went to a fundraiser for the Rep (a local theatre thats puts on some great plays). It was called Pashion for Fashion. It was a spring fashion show of bathing suits, sundresses, and more. The play that is going on right now at the Rep is Hairspray, so the cast did some bits from the play and they were hilarious!! I may have to see this one before it leaves town.

This week Parker had his Easter egg hunt at school. It was rainy and cold yesterday but they were still able to do it outside. Parker's teacher sent me a few pictures.

He had a blast and could not stop talking about how many eggs he found!

Yesterday Parker also got his blood drawn to check his Coumadin levels. They were pefectly in the range he needs to be in and we dont have to go back and get his blood drawn for a month!! I am just so shocked at how easy this Coumadin transition has been. Everything else is going great for Parker. He is still a little timid when it comes to jumping but he does everything else without hesitation. Everywhere we go he has to show people his booboo and tell them that it is doing better! He is such an amazing kid!

This weekend will be filled with family time and Easter celebrations.