Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cardiology post op appointment

Today was Parker's post op visit. We have been home for 4 glorious days. Even though I have spent most of them studying for a huge test that I had this morning, It has been amazing to be home.

Parker did great today. I am so glad that he did not kick and scream when we went to the hospital today, he was so happy to go see the doctor!! His pulse ox was 95% WOW!! 95!! This is so amazing to me. What is even more amazing, is how pink he is. I just cant believe the difference. He is still skinny but has gained a little weight since discharge. 12.2 kg to 12.4 kg (thats like 27 1/2 lbs). He really has been eating everything in site (well, everything that is low fat of course!!).

His chest xray lookd perfect, no fluid. His INR was 2.4 so we decreased his coumadin a little and will start getting his blood drawn at our pediatricians office. We will get it checked again in 2 weeks. Two weeks isnt so bad, I was expecting every week for a while. All of his other medications will remain the same. He is on Diuril, Aldactone, Enalapril, Digoxin, Aspirin, and Coumadin. I dont think it is too bad of a list.

Dr Seib told us that if we felt comfortable with it, Parker could start going to a few half days of school next week!! NEXT WEEK?? didnt he just have major open heart surgery?? He truely is the stongest person I know. Everyday we have been home he has done more and more. He is back to his old self with a little fatigue here and there and still some soreness. We still need to watch what he does (no jumgle gym or climbing high), we dont want him to injure his chest, still cant lift him under his arms but other than that he can pretty much get back to normal. Since it is late in spring, he isnt worried about the flu or those kinds of sicknesses. Of course, we will need to make sure he isnt around anyone sick and have good hand hygiene, but we can get out and about!! woo hoo!!

All of this is blowing my mind. I guess I thought we would be in seclusion for 6 weeks. Praise the Lord that Parker is doing so great. He is the same Parker but different at the same time. I am so excited to start living without a planned surgery in our weird!!


Katie said...

Way to go Parker! He's such an inspiration for us :)