Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy Easter Weekend

This weekend was so busy but a lot of fun!

Saturday morning, we went to an Easter egg hunt at the country club. There was a really fun petting zoo! Tyler loved the little pigs =)

And Parker loved the goats!

We went and saw the Easter bunny and then it was time to hunt! Of course, as soon as Parker's age group is running to the egg area, Parker has to go to the bathroom! We were a little later but he still managed to get about 5 eggs!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Sydney's third birthday party. It was a my little pony theme and there was a real pony!!

Parker played soccer most of the time, but we did manage to get him to ride the pony for a very short time. (Isnt it cute? they painted it to look like a my little pony)

Saturday night we went to a park, we played and hunted Easter eggs with Dennis' family. It was very relaxing and a lot of fun. He loved granny pushing him on the swings. I think he would do that for hours!

Sunday morning we went to an amazing church service and then had a family lunch.

My favorite boys =)

All of the brothers and sisters.

The best family picture we could get.

It was such a great weekend! This is one of my favorite holidays...It is in the spring! Cute little boy clothes, seeing sweet Mallory in her Easter dress =) and it is the most important holiday for us as Christians...He is Alive, the tomb is emtpy and we are forgiven.

Thank you Jesus!