Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last night Parker and I went over to my parent's house for dinner. While I was driving there it started pouring down rain. We got inside and saw that there were thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings in Little Rock. We usually dont worry about it when we are at my parent's house because tornados just dont go in that area. Well, as we were preparing to sit down and eat dinner the tornado sirens started going off and the weather man said that the tornado was going right through our area!! We were kinda scared, so we all went down into the basement. It was so funny!! I wish I had gotten a picture! Imagine 9 people (me, Parker, my mom, Cory and his girlfriend, Kelsey and her boyfriend, Justin and some friend that is a girl) in a basement with A TON of suitcases and Christmas decorations and of course Barney was playing!! It was a party!

When we got out of the basement, everything was fine. But then it started hailing. Some of the hail was 2 inches big. After it stopped Parker wanted to go play with the hail. It only lasts about 3 minutes before it melts.

and then he wanted to eat the hail. One tiny lick and he was over that!!

Dennis was out of town and HATED that he couldnt do anything or protect us! We made it through the storm and our houses are still standing. Please pray for the families that did have a lot of damage to their homes.