Tuesday, March 23, 2010


On Friday night it was beautiful outside!! We had a few friends over for a cookout. It is so nice to be able to have people over again!!! We love entertaining and it is so hard to do in the winter when it is cold and it gets dark so early. Parker had fun playing ball with all the boys. I didnt take many pictures but I did get one of Parker and Mallory!!

And of all the girls around the fire pit. Brie is about to have her baby...I am so glad we all got together before Mackenzie gets here.

I just love that we have friends with kids close in age to Parker. It is always so fun to get together and let the kids play. I cant wait for my other friends kids to get a little older so that Parker doesnt hurt them!! =) Sorry Mallory!!

On Saturday we went to a friends' daughters 5th birthday party. They had a clown and Parker LOVED her. He sat with his hands in his lap and watched her for like 30 minutes!!
After the party we went to the grocery store with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney to get items to grill out. Parker and Sydney had a blast riding around in the car cart.

When we got back to their house, the kids had so much fun together. Parker and Sydney are really into coloring!!!

Thanks, Stephen and Sarah for having us over!! Parker stayed up until 10:30!! I still cant believe he lasted that long without whining one bit! (it must have been that Barney that Sarah had on her DVR!!)


Diane Lafferty said...

Mallory escaped with only minor injuries! You were more upset than the injury party. She had fun!