Friday, March 5, 2010

My Son is Famous!

Yall know how much I LOVE Arkansas' Childrens Hospital!! Well, this love is shared by my entire family and most of my friends! My parents are long time supporters of ACH, my mom and I are both memebers of the Auxilary and we just love doing stuff for the hospital.
In the mail yesterday we got our quarterly ACHiever magazine from ACH. I always look through it to see the new things going on at the hospital and to see if I know anyone :) Well, I am looking through the magazine and I see this article!!!.....

I had totally forgotten that last summer my parents and Parker had a little photo shoot at the hospital for an article they were going to write about my parents. My parents are the chairs for the Miracle Ball this year. The article just talks about how their experiences with ACH have made them want to continue giving to such an amazing place.

It is so fun to see Parker in a magazine! To read the article and to see the picture more clearly, go HERE! My mom's picture is in the magazine a couple of times! We just love this hospital and I cant wait to see how much money we raise this year at Miracle Ball!