Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday dinner and school report!

Didn't I tell yall that we have birth-months in my family?!! Last night we had a birthday dinner at my grandmothers house for my cousin Elizabeth, sister Kelsey and me! Here are all the birthday girls.....17,18 and uh hum ...27 :) and of course Parker had to sneak in the picture!! (he just really wanted to blow out the candles!)

Well, Parker did awesome on his first day of big boy school yesterday!!! The teacher said he was so good. He did not sleep during nap time, but he laid on his mat awake the entire time (at least he got some rest) and he was exhausted last night!!! His teacher also said he did great drinking out of a "real" cup, spilled a little the first time, but did great after that (he had the same outfit on at the end of the day)! She even said he was nice to all of the kids in his class, yay!!
This morning when I took him in he was so excited. He got a toy and took it to the table and started playing with it first thing. He is such a big boy and LOVES carrying his new lunch box into school. I have already received a message from his teacher on Facebook (yes, I communicate with his new teacher on facebook....really awesome!!!)...he took a 1 1/2 hour nap today!! Have I told yall how much I love his new school!! (even though its only been 2 days :)
Hope everyone has a great week! I am going out to enjoy this beautiful weather!