Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swallow Study

Today was Parker's yearly swallow study. We have been thickening all of his liquids to nectar consistency since he was born. When he would swallow it would go into his lungs, but if we thickened it just a little bit it would go down the right "tube". Well, today he did great! The liquid only went towards his lungs one time and this was while he was crying. The therapist told us that we dont have to thicken his pediasure anymore. We only have to thicken water or juice to less than nectar consistency. We need to do this for 6 months and then she said we can stop thickening all together!! YAY!!! We dont even have to go back for anymore swallow studies (unless he shows signs of aspiration). I cant believe it!! This was our normal...doesnt everyone thicken their kids liquids???

Just wanted to share the great news!! The only things we have left to remind us that Parker is "sick" are his many medications twice a day! Those will never go away but they are part of his routine and I really think he would be sad if he didnt get to take his medications!! He is doing so awesome!!!

Hope everyone has a great week/weekend. It is going to be in the 60s and sunny. YAY for outside!!


The Simmons Family said...

Parker has totally amazed me!! Congrats on the great swallow study results!

the osbornes said...

That is great Kali!!

Lauren said...

Yea, Parker!!! So excited for your Mom and Dad. One less "thing" to worry about (soon).