Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Boy School

I havent really blogged about our troubles with daycare over the past few months, but for many reasons we have decided to pull Parker out of daycare and start Montessori school. I am so excited about this decision!! Parker started his new school today. He was so excited and knew just what to do when he got there.
Here is Parker this morning before school...

In the parking lot walking into class....with his lunch box!!

Things are definitely different at this school. Parker takes his own lunch! They do not use sippy cups!!! (I sent like 3 extra outfits with him today, I can just imagine the mess he is going to make!!!), they make them clean up after themselves (including scraping his lunch plate into the trash can and putting the plate and silver ware where it goes, cleaning up any spills, etc). Hard core potty training!! The teacher told me that he will probably become alot more independent over the next couple of weeks.
I cant wait to see how he does today!! I will give yall an update tomorrow!


The Simmons Family said...

He's such a big boy!! I can't wait to hear how school goes!