Sunday, December 4, 2011

Treasure chest and a job!

With two weeks left in this semester for Parker, he finally made it an entire week without getting his name moved (aka: not getting in trouble)!!! Everyday last week he came home so proud that he didn't get his named moved and then at the end of the week he got to pick something out of the treasure chest because he Made it a whole week!! It's funny because we didnt even know a treasure chest existed until I heard a mom talking about it last week!! Ha!! He really only gets in trouble most of the time for talking at nap time...he just likes to talk ;)

I have some exciting news too! I went through three rounds of interviews and landed my dream job as a nurse practitioner!! I will finish school on Wednesday and will start my new job on January 3rd!! I am so excited about it!!! It's the perfect job for me and fits so great into my family and our lives!!


Lauren said...

Big accomplishments for Parker and Kali! Congrats to you both! =) Can't wait to hear about your new job.