Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas fun!

The last few days have been filled with lots of fun activities. We had a family birthday party for Parker's 4th bday.

He loves the Happy Birthday song and just lights up!!

We went to Parker's school Christmas program. It was the K3-1st grades and they did a little musical about baby Jesus. It was so cute. Parker's class pretty much just sat on the steps and sang all of the songs and the "older" kids did the actual acting part. He really got into all the hand motions!

He was so excited to see us at his school!

That weekend we went to the Christmas tree farm. I have been to the same Christmas tree farm since I was little and it so fun to watch Parker run around and pick out his favorite tree.

His favorite part of the entire trip is the tractor ride out to the trees.

Tyler is such a cutie!!

Parker did such a great job helping Daddy cute down the tree and yelling "timber!"

Such a big boy!

I love this tradition and we love having a real tree in the house!

Now we get to decorate it!