Friday, December 30, 2011

Parker learns to ski!

The day after Christmas my family loaded up and went to Jackson Hole, WY. This is by far one of our most favorite places on earth!
We have been going there a few times a year for about 5 years but Parker has never gone with us. We have always been too nervous to take him to a higher elevation because of his heart condition. Since he has finished his series of heart surgeries, his cardiologist, Dennis and I decided it would be ok to try. We really had no idea how he would handle it but we were prepared with oxygen in the hotel room and a pulse ox on hand.

He was so excited to see all of the snow!

He handled the elevation just fine and didnt need the oxygen the whole time!! He was thrilled to go to ski school the first day!! I thought he looked so cute in all his ski wear...

Everytime we were in the car, Parker was amazed with all the snow and all he wanted to do was ski!

His first day of ski school he made it to a level 2 skier. He was so proud that he could stop all by himself using the pizza wedge ;)

His favorite part was riding the "magic carpet" up the hill...Here is Parker and his teacher, Mr. Billy! (the yellow vest was for new skiers).

I am just so proud of him! He didnt complain at all and just had the time of his life! (I guess I was expecting some complaints about the cold temperatures or the uncomfortable boots). His ski boots were the smallest size the rental place cute!

We had such a fun family time! We spent most of our nights watching movies together, ate lots of smores and hot chocolate and of course, lots of fun skiing!! Such a fun way to spend Christmas break.

Now, back to real life...I start my new job as a nurse pracitioner tomorrow!! aaahhh!!