Sunday, January 9, 2011

Im a hunter?

Dennis has been wanting me to go duck hunting with him for a few years, so I finally gave in!! (I really did want to go)
On Friday night I had to try on all my "gear"....

4:00 am Saturday morning came really early. We drove to the river and then had a 20 minute boat ride to the spot. Here is me on the boat...

I know, you can barely see me =) Dennis was very sweet all morning, on the boat ride he made a shield for me and I really could not feel the wind at all and never got cold (even though it was like 24 degrees). I had tons of hand and foot warmers to help me out!

Once we got out of the boat we had to walk for about 10 minutes in the dark, I cant believe I didnt fall (the waders were for a mens size 10), but I did have a pretty awsome head lamp (pretty cool, right?!). I didnt have to do much when we got there, Dennis and his friend stephen did everything. They were such gentlemen the whole morning.

I did have lots of fun, but did not kill anything =( Im not so great with a gun but I am going to practice and next time the ducks better watch ou!!

Thanks Dennis for a fun morning =)

I did have one mishap, I tore a hole in the waders. Sorry, babe! Thats what happens when you let a rookie wear your waders.
I would say my first time duck hunting was a success and I will definitely go again. It was a great time with my husband, seeing what his favorite hobby is all about.