Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun in the Snow

On Sunday afternoon Parker woke up from his nap to find snow!!! It was practically a blizzard (well, it was for Arkansas!)

This year he actually wanted to play!

He was very amazed at making foot prints in the snow.

His eye lashes are so long that they collected a few inches of snow!!

Of course we had to eat the snow =)

On Monday morning Dennis drove us over to Diane and Bjs house to play with Mallory. We made a sled out of a cheap sand box.

We spent an hour sledding and the kids did not want to go in!!

That night Parker got a kick out of throwing snow balls!

Family picture

On Tuesday Diane and Mallory came over to play. This was our very sad attempt at building a snowman =)

Parker was not having a very good day and this is what I had to deal with for most of that day =) Needless to say....I was very glad school was back in today =) I love my son but he needs structure and snow days do not provide that!
Overall, we had a blast in the snow! but I am very glad our snow days are few and far between!