Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jump Zone and Potty Training

Friday night, we took Parker to Jump Zone with Stephen and Sarah (and Sydney) and Sarah's sister (and her kids). Jump Zone is a huge warehouse with a ton of huge inflatables. Parker just loved it!! He was kinda slow climbing the steps but once he got up, he loved the huge slides. I thought this picture was so funny.....He just flew down all sprawled out.

Sydney and Parker. Please excuse the huge socks. I didnt know that they had to wear socks when playing. So, we had to buy some. Parker doesnt have the biggest feet and they didnt have very small socks. So, they went up to his knees!!

All the girls and Parker

Yesterday I started hard core potty training with Parker. I used a pull up yesterday and he kept it dry the entire day (minus nap time, still used a diaper). So, today I broke out the underwear!! Parker did SOOOO good. He did not have any accidents until right before bed, but it was a tiny one. Hopefully today wasnt just a fluke. I will definitely keep yall updated!! I will be thrilled if he is completely potty trained before school starts(aug. 16)!!

He had to model his underwear!! He will probably kill me for this someday but I just had to post it!!

And I just love his little butt!!
Wow!! This will completely mortify him when he is 15!! Ha!! Isnt that what moms are for?!