Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our week and a fun find!

This week has been uneventful, but we did manage to get some things done! Back in October of 2009 Parker had tubes put in his ears due to a ridiculous number of ear infections. Well, Tuesday we had his check up. Here is a picture of him in the sound booth. This is a sound proof booth where they check his hearing. He had to wear these head phone (I cant believe he kept them on, by the way) and put a coin in the bucket everytime he heard the noise. He was such a good boy!

We found out that both of his tubes are still in but the right one is clogged. All we have to do is put some drops in his ears for 7 days. Easy enough!

On Thursday we were running some errands and decided we NEEDED a cupcake....The new cupcakes on the ridge opened near our house....not good!

We have been having record breaking heat in Arkansas! It has been so hard on Parker because we just cant stand to be outside for more than about a minute!

Yesterday we had a 5 minute rain shower and I let Parker play in it! He loved it. I hate that I didnt get a picture of it. We were also able to go play on the swing set for a few minutes tonight, until Parker asked to go in becuse he was hot.
Hopefully we will get a break from the heat soon!!
I wanted to tell yall about a really fun thing I found (most of yall have probably already heard about it, but it is new to me!) It is a rubber placemat that kids (or me) can color on. It comes with these markers, but you can use any washable marker on it.

It is rubber so it sticks to the table really well and it folds up really small (good for the diaper bag). I havent taken it to a restaraunt yet, but I am pretty sure it will keep Parker very entertained!

I just think it is the cutest thing!


Kathy said...

Very interesting! I never knew about putting the coins in the bucket! Stop by and check out my blog. I finally updated it!

Kathy :)