Tuesday, July 27, 2010

family cruise

At the end of June my family went on a cruise for my sister's graduation present. I am just now getting around to posting a few pictures from our trip. The boat left out of New York, so we went a day early and spen the night there. Here is a picture of us in Time Square. Parker was exhausted by this point!

The cruise was so fun and the theme for the kids was Nickelodeon. So, guess who was there!! DORA!! Parker was beside himself, he was so excited to see her!!

The first morning we went to a dance party with Dora where they sang and danced to all of her songs.

The boat had a water slide and Parker absolutely loved it!!!
He always wanted to go down it with Daddy because he did all the fun stuff!

This is Parker on our balcony. He could not get over how much water there was! He was always looking for more boats and there was usually another cruise ship in the distance.

Parker was so good on the boat! We never even used the kids club (that is kind of like a babysitting service). Just wanted to share a few pictures from the trip!!
Hope everyone is having a great summer!