Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First camping trip

This past weekend we went camping with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney at Lake Catherine. This was Parker very first camping trip. We borrowed Dennis' parents motor home for the weekend. Yes, this is camping to me!! We were roughing it as far as I'm concerned!!

We spent most of our time at Stephen and Sarah's camp sight. Their site was on the water. It was really hot!! so the kids spent alot of time in the water or by the water.

Parker and Sydney were both obsessed with their fishing poles.
And they spent the other part of their days on their favorite vehicles.

We didnt have very many meltdowns or fights between the kids. The kids took great naps in the afternoons, so Sarah and I floated on our rafts and got some sun while the guys went fishing.
It was a great weekend and I cant wait to go back!!