Friday, August 13, 2010

back to school!

School started Thursday for Parker! He was so excited to go back and see his teacher (he LOVES her) and to see his friends! They all remembered each other. One little girl and boy ran over to Parker when he got there and hugged him! So cute. I pray that Parker makes life long friends at an early age. I did and I couldnt make it without them =)

Parker had to give Bentley a hug goodbye

Parker is saying "are you ready freddie?"
I took the picture below of his second day with his lunch box because the first day of school this wonderful mom forgot to send a lunch to school!! On the first day, how did I forgot to feed my child?!! His wonderful teacher found him some food, so he didnt starve. I absolutely love the school we have put Parker in. It is truely a blessing from God.
Also, I start back to school this week. I have been in summer school all summer, but it was very laid back and if I must say it....a little bit easy.

I am not expected that for this semester. I start my specialty (adult acute care nurse practitioner) semester and I am just going to expect the worst and hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised! This is the semester I have been waiting for, the downhill slope to finishing!! Only 1 1/2 more years!! I cant do it!