Sunday, February 14, 2010

A very busy couple of days (filled with love!!)

This weekend has been CRAZY busy!! This post is going to be long and filled with a lot of pictures!!!
Dennis and I don't really celebrate Valentines Day. We never is my sister's birthday and we always do something with her and the family. This year it was busier than ever.

It all started on Thursday night. We had to get Parker's valentines ready for school and his vday party the next day. He is such a big boy. He helped mommy tear apart all of the cards.

He was having a lot of fun!!

Friday was his big valentines day party at school. Here is Parker in his party shirt!!

On Friday night we went out to eat for Kelsey's birthday (one of many meals...we do birth weeks in our family!!).

We ate really late for Parker. It was almost 10 before we got home. Parker did sooo good the whole night! It was probably because mommy was so fun at dinner!! Here we are being silly with our pouty lips.

On Saturday, I hosted a baby shower at my house for my friend Brie. She is due at the end of March and got lots of cute things. Girl baby showers are soooo much fun!!!

The shower was coed. I had a "boy table" and the big pretty table. Brie wanted her dad and husband to be able to experience a baby shower. So, all of the hostesses' husbands came and a few other guys ended up coming. I thought it added an interesting dynamic to the shower.

Jon even helped Brie open gifts. He had no idea what any of it funny! one example....he thought a bottle cleaner was a toilet brush!!

On Saturday night I helped my mom host a Valentine's dinner for some of her friends. It was really laid back, but I was still tired!!

On Sunday, Parker got to have his Vday presents. He got two new Barney DVDs and a really fun book.

And then Parker gave me a Valentine!!! He knows how much I love chocolate!
I told you that Dennis and I dont really "do" Valentine's day. Well, this year I had been eyeing all of the holiday chocolate and I had been telling Dennis that all I want for Vday is some chocolate. Well, I think he managed to get me the biggest box of chocolates I had ever seen!!!
On Sunday, after church we went out to lunch with my entire family for Kelsery's birhtday. Here she is with her cake.
A family picture

me and my little valentine
We got home about 1:30 from lunch and I worked on a paper from 1:30 till about 9:00.
Whew!! What a weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend and Valentines Day.