Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow day

I worked last night at the hospital. At about 1:00 am someone said "it's snowing". I looked outside and it was just a few flurries but it so pretty. I thought to myself that noone will believe me when I tell them that it snowed tonight. Well, at about 5:00 am I looked outside and there was like 3 inches of snow on the ground and all the schools had closed for the day. I called Dennis and he insisted on picking me up from work. I dont have the most perfect driving record, so it was probably for the best!!! It snowed all day. I dont know for sure how much snow we ended up with (like 5 inches on our back porch). It is suppose to snow more tonight!! I dont remember when it has snowed this much in Arkansas!! Kinda fun, but I really need to work. It is hard to do school and work when Parker's daycare is closed!

Here are a few pictures from our snow day!

we got an old blow up pool (it has a hole in it) and let Parker "sled" in it. SO FUNNY!!

It was a nice day at home. I got to sleep for a few hourse when I got home from work and then play with Parker! I hope things are open tomorrow! One snow day is enough for me.....I dont like to get behind!!!