Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls weekend

This past weekend, my mom and I flew out to LA to see my sister. We left on Thursday afternoon. Dennis stayed home with Parker. They had a boys weekend and Granny came to play with Parker on Saturday!
On Friday, we spent the whole day helping Amy finish decorate her apartment. It looks so good!! I hung my first picture...it's hard to decorate when there are no boys around!! Amy came back to LA with us (she goes to school in Thousand Oaks, about 30 minutes from LA). We spent the next two days sleeping in, relaxing, shopping!, eating, going to the movies, etc. It was such a fun time...I really needed it! I am so thankful for Dennis staying home with Parker while I had a fun girls weekend!

Mom and I at the airport

The girls!
This was the first trip I have taken without Dennis or Parker being with me. I missed them so much!

And, of course, a cute picture of Parker. In LA, I got part of his Easter outfit. It is so hard to find cute clothes for boys!!

This is a horrible picture!! but doesnt he look so old!!?? I got him a white, blue and navy striped shirt and a sweater vest. It is a little too big right now but hopefully it will fit perfectly in a the next month or so. I just cant get over how big he is getting.
I have to tell yall a story...Mom and I took the red eye back to Little Rock (a flight in the middle of the night!!). When we got to the airport on Monday morning Parker was waiting for me. He ran across the airport to me yelling "mommy, mommy" with his arms held out!! UGGH!! I almost lost it...what a cutie! He is so big! I feel like he is talking (like really talking) more than when I left. Of course, Dennis takes all the credit!
Also, Parker has started going to bed on his own! He walks back to his bedroom, turns on his box fan (we have to have noise when we sleep!!), climbs into his "big boy bed", covers himself up and says "night-night". When did he get so old!

So, now that I have taken a few days off I have ALOT to do!! I have laundry, work and this week I have midterms!! Hope everyone has a great week!


Lauren said...

You "Lambs" are great at getting those kids to sleep! Glad you had fun, I'm sure you needed AND deserved it! I'd love to play with you guys soon. Parker does look so old. =( I feel like we'll be saying the same thing when he's 16!