Monday, February 1, 2010

Just catching up

It has been a few days since I have blogged. We have had a really busy couple of days. Last week the night before we got a big ice/snow storm we had dinner with Stephen, Sarah, and Sydney. Parker and Sydney just love each other. They love sitting next to each other at dinner, they are so silly together. When we left the restaraunt we decided to walk around the stores. ( I cant believe it was that warm the day before we got a few inches of snow and ice!! crazy Arkansas weather!) Parker and Sydney just walked and held hands...those two are just so darn cute together!!!

On Friday it snowed and iced. We werent really stuck at home but nothing was open so we stayed at home and played and watched movies on Saturday.

Parker wasnt too interested in the snow. He went out for a few minutes but just thought it was cold!! He wont wear gloves or mittens so his little hands were so cold!
He loved it when Daddy threw a snow ball at him. But he couldnt figure out how to make one to throw back at him!! (I helped him!!)
I have had to work alot the past couple of days so Daddy and Parker have had some "guy time". They said they did alot of wrestling and watched Barney. Throughout the days Dennis sent me a few pictures on my phone.

Here is Parker modeling his new Moose pajamas from Nana.
Here is another picture they sent me....Just look at that mess in the background!!! Parker doesnt really have to pick anything up or be neat when it is just him and Daddy. (I think they eat cereal for every meal when I am gone!!.....boys!!!)
This morning I was taking a picture of Parker in one of his Valentines shirts. This is the only one I could get before the power went out!! It is a beautiful clear day and our power goes out!. Dennis was at the office and I couldnt get the garage door open. So, we had to wait on Dennis to come home to let us out!! We were a little late this morning!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I have a busy week of working and a lot of school stuff that is due soon, ugggh!! why did I go back to school??!! I can do this, I can do this! :)


Diane Lafferty said...

you can do this! i don't know anyone else who can do as much as you do!