Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night we went to my sister's basketball game. She doesnt play, she is a cheerleader. It was their very last homegame and tournaments start this week. Last year they were the state champions...so, hopefully they will do good this year! It was senior night. I really cant believe that Kelsey is a senior in highschool!!!
Parker just loves basketball games!! As we were walking to the gym from the car he kep yelling "b-ball!! b-ball!!".

He is such a big boy, he sat on the bleachers behind us so he could see better! Just look how serious he is while watching the game.....

Everytime anything happened he would yell and clap. This is the perfect place for Parker. He can be as loud as he wants and no one can really tell.
Here are some of the seniors and their parents. Kelsey is the second cheerleader from the left.

I am so glad Parker likes basketball games! hopefully we will get to go to the state championships again this year!!