Monday, January 11, 2010


Since the day Dennis turned 26, I have joked with him that he was almost 30. Well, this year he turned 30!! So, I had to make it a huge deal!! I have been planning a surprise party for months. His birthday is on New Years Day, but I decided that more people would be able to come if I did it the next weekend. This past Saturday Dennis thought he was going to a couples baby shower for my mom (since she just adopted a brand new baby boy...who is my brother!).

Well, he walked into this.......
Over the Hill theme, all black decorations, even a coffin!
Black roses
Some of the guests before he arrived.

Surprise!! He didnt have a clue!

Parker helped daddy open the gag gifts (depends, geritol, ex-lax....)

The cake was a casket

Parker had lots of fun at the party. He loves all the attention!
The theme of the party was that we were mourning the death of Dennis' youth. My uncle made this tomb stone with Dennis' picture etched into it. I thought it looked really neat!

and I had a picture of Dennis from his high school football days in the coffin, along with some dry ice.
I am so glad that it is over, because I am horrible at keeping secrets!!

Happy Birthday!!


Kathy said...

What an awesome party!!!! Thanks for sharing.....Kathy :)