Monday, January 18, 2010

Our weekend guest

This weekend my parents had to go out of town to take my sister to college. I agreed to watch Tyler for them while they were gone. WOW!! It has only been 2 years since I had a newborn, but I had forgotten how exhausting it is! I am so thankful for my husband...he played with Parker most of the time, but Parker was still a little jealous. The days were pretty easy but getting up at night was not fun. I was getting the hang of it by the end of the second night. Can you believe I am keeping him again next week?? for a whole week!!!? I will definitely be more organized next time. I guess I am learning what life would be like with two!

Here is Tyler

This is what Daddy and Parker did all weekend. I was so glad that the weather was nice....60 degrees!! Parker has finally figured out how to work his car, but he has not figured out how to stear it yet! We went out to the culdesac and I cocked the stearing wheel to one side and he just drove in circles for hours!! You may be wondering why there is a huge stone in the back of his car?? Well, we had to put it in the back to weigh it down. The wheels would just spin because my little guy is just so tiny!


Lauren said...

A whole week! Oh my gosh. Call me if you need a sanity break. Also, let me know how it goes. =) i still haven't put Dennis' VERY late card in the mail. It's just sittin' on the counter.