Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A night with friends

When I started working at UAMS 6 years ago, I became really good friends with a co-worker, Lyndsey. When I became a nurse, she was my precepter and we just had so much in common. It was so nice to have such a good friend at work. We were also pregnant at the same time. Her son is a few months younger than Parker.
Last January, Lyndsey's husband (who is in the airforce) got transferred to Germany. They just came back to visit for 2 weeks. Of course, after being gone for a year she had so many people to see. Unfortunately, Parker and her son Linkoln didnt get to play while they were in town. I know they would have so much fun together, maybe next time!! On Monday night, after I got out of classs, a bunch of people from work got together for dinner since it was Lyndsey's last night in town. I am so glad I got to see her before she left!!

This is me, Lyndsey and her son (yes, he has his finger in his nose!! those boys!!)
Hopefully they will come back soon!


just a cute picture of Parker being a big boy!! Eating his own ice cream cone and didnt spill a drop or make a mess!!