Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playdate, New Years, and Birthday

Happy New Year!! I can't believe it is already 2010, but I am so glad that it is a new year with a new beginning. Parker has been so fun and has grown so much this past year!! I have to say that this is my most favorite age so far!! He understands what we say and can talk to us and tell us what he wants. He even tells me when he needs to blow his nose!! He is the most loving little boy I have ever seen!! He gives hugs and kisses and tells me he loves about 500 times a day! He has the best manners saying "thank you, please and excuse me!" and is always wanting to help mommy and daddy. I just cant wait to watch him grow and turn into even more of a little boy! I think we are going to make the change to a "big boy" bed very soon!! stay tuned..!!!

On New Years Eve afternoon I had a big playdate at my house. A bunch of girls from high school came with their babies! It was so fun because I hadnt even met a few of the babies.
Here are most of the girls and the babies. We took this picture before one or two people got there. This is Emily (Noah and Lily), Brittani, Diane (Mallory), Lauren (Spencer), Tiffany (hayden). I am so excited that Parker has all of these wonderful kids to grow up with!

This is Spencer and Parker. Spencer just turned one and is soooo cute!!! He is very busy and reminds me of Parker when he had just turned one.

And here is Mallory!!! and look at the bow! I am so proud of Diane! I just love this little cutie!
That night we had a few people over. No one stayed until midnight and Dennis and I barely stayed up!!

Here is a few of us playing pictionary!! The girls dominated!!

This is what Parker did the entire time! He is such a good little boy!

This is what Bentley did the whole time!! Bentley doesnt make it on the blog nearly enough!! He is our wonderful Shitz tzu that is about 4 years old.
New years Day is Dennis' birthday. He always loves to just sit at home and have pot roast for dinner. So...that is what we did. It was very relaxing and Parker was so fun all day!

That night my parents surprised Dennis with a cake. They came in singing happy birthday with a cake and 30 candles lit!! I think our smoke alarm almost went off when he blew all those candles out!!

Parker loved the cake!!!
I hope that everyone had a great holiday season!! It is almost time to get back to reality and school!!
I am off to watch the last Razorback game of the year!