Friday, May 8, 2009

Multiple Dr Visits

This has been a pretty busy week. On Tuesday I took Parker to the doctor for his weekly pulse ox check and I also asked the Dr to look in Parker's ears because he had been cranky and pulling at them. Well his pulse ox was 69!! and Parker has his VERY FIRST ear infection. She said it's a good thing I had her look in his ear because we caught it early and dogded a few sleepless nights! I called Cardiology as soon as I left and they wanted to me to go back in two days to recheck his pulse ox. She said it could have been related to the ear infection. Parker wasnt having any symptoms that a low pulse ox would cause so they werent that worried about it. I kinda thought that the reading wasnt that accurate because Parker would not sit still and his heart rate didnt really correlate.
On Wednesday Parker had physical therapy and when I went to pick him up he came down hall with no pants on!!! His therapist said that he started scratching and she took his pants off and he had huge sores and bumps on his legs and bottom. By the time I had gotten there the worst of it had gone away. The first think I thought was it is a reaction to the antibiotics. But I remembered seeing bumps on his feet and hands on Tuesday before we started the antibiotics. I called the Dr and they wanted to see him before they told us to give him anything. So, I made an appointment for the next day since we had to recheck his pulse ox anyway.
On Thursday we go back to the pediatrician! Since we were there with an actual appointment, I asked if we could go ahead and do his 18 month checkup (it was suppose to be in 2 weeks). They said that was fine. I checked Parker's pulse ox by myself with no one in the room. I let it sit for like 30 seconds and wathced the pulse on the monitor so that I knew it was accurate and it read 84! This is a great pulse ox--I feel so much better. I dont think I am going to go check it EVERY week anymore unless he is symptomatic. It is just making me crazy and Parker just needs to be a normal kid for a while. Dont get me wrong, I am still gonna get it checked from time to time (maybe every 2 weeks or so). I know what he looks and acts like when it is too low and that is when I need to be worried. So, the bumps ended up being foot and mouth disease. It is just a virus where bumps appear on kids hands, feet and mouth (and bottom). There is no medicine and it just has to run its coarse. He is lucky that it is not inside of his mouth, just around it. The Dr said it is only contagious before the bumps appear, oops!!! No one else seems to have it, PTL! It flares up in the heat and starts itching, but if he stays cool it doesnt seem to bother him.
Now for his 18 month stats:
weight: 20 lbs 10 oz (this is amazing, last month he barely weighed 19 lbs--I have really been trying to pack on the lbs and it seems to be working!)
Height: 29 1/2 (I kinda think he got his mom's height!)
Anyways, this has become a really long post!
All in all Parker is doing great and just being a boy!