Monday, May 18, 2009

Las Vegas

Last weekend Dennis and I had a long weekend in Vegas. Dennis had meetings on Monday so I decided to go with him to Vegas. We left on Saturday at 11:30. Our flight was nonstop and we were there by 12:30! We still had the entire day to play! There was one small mishap with our luggage. We got all of our luggage from the plane, but when we got off the shuttle at our hotel it wasnt on the shuttle anymore!!! The driver was so nice and he had our luggage to us in under an hour. We were so relieved because it had all of Dennis' work clothes. I was so glad we didnt have to shop for something for Dennis to wear to his meetings. After the luggage drama we were able to relax and have fun!

This is the lobby of our hotel. We stayed at the Venetian. Our room was amazing!! We had a living room and a bedroom and an amazing bathroom!
This is the long beautiful hallway to the casino!
These are the canal shops in our hotel. You can barely see the gondala in the bottom right of the picture. You could ride in the gondalas and the driver would sing romantic songs to you really loud! Sadly, we never got around to doing this.
This is a statue in the canal shoppes that is a REAL person!! I have no idea how long they stand still like this but it is ridiculous how real they look. She only opened her eyes because I gave her a dollar (notice all of the money on the ledge) but when their eyes are closed it is hard to tell they are real.
This is outside of our hotel. This is suppose to be like Venice with the canals and gondalas. People only rode in these gondalas at night because it was really hot!
The first place we went was the Forum Shops....amazing shopping!!

That night we went for a walk down to the Bellagio to see the water show.
This is the view from the Bellagio.

This is water show from two sides of the lake. It took so long to walk around the lake that we saw the show twice!!
That night we had to stop and gamble!! We gambled in a really fun place and they put balloon hats on people! I thought it was really funny!
We gambled a little each night. One night we were up and the other we were down. I think we ended up pretty much breaking even--that's winning to me!! All that matters is that we had a great time!
This is the waterfalls outside of the Wynn, so beautiful!
On Sunday nigth we went to the MGM Grand and ate at Emeril's (SOOO YUMMY!!)
They have a lion habitat. This is a tunnel that goes through the habitat and there were two HUGE lions laying on top of it.
Here are the two lions laying on the tunnel.
Before dinner we walked over to the New York New York hotel. There is a rollercoaster on top of the casino. We didnt have time to do that, but we went and looked at it. That hotel is definitely a kid friendly place!

Dennis and I at Emeril's
After dinner we went to a hypnotist show that was really funny. When we walked in the door the hostest told us we were getting an upgrade. She took us to the front row and we got to sit on a couch!!
On Monday night we went to see Mystere, a Cirque de solei show. It was so amazing!! I want to see more of those shows!
Parker and Dennis had flowers delivered to our room on Mother's Day. Yes, I was out of town on Mother's Day. My parents kept Parker. I get to see Parker all day every day! I was sad that I didnt get to see him on Mother's Day but it is only a day!
On Monday morning Dennis and I laid out by the pool and had lunch at the poolside grill. After that Dennis had to go to his meetings at the convention center. It was a very relaxing afternoon for me. I walked around and went shopping. I relaxed in our huge comfy bed and had room service for dinner. It was nice!
And here is what Parker did while we were gone. Had tons of fun with Kelsey at Nana's.
They even got him a little car!
I dont think he missed us too much!
We had so much fun. I didnt take pictures of everything we did becaue I just forgot. and I know I didnt tell you everything we did, but we did so much in two days!! There is so much more that we want to do there. We will definitely be going back very soon!