Friday, May 8, 2009

Kris Allen Comes Home and Vegas!!

I love American Idol and I watch it every week. I am just so excited about Kris Allen being in the top three!!! He came home last night and was on the news. He is performing at the River Market at noon and has a parade and concert tonight in Conway. It is like a HUGE celebrity is in town. There is an hourly watch on Fox 16 to tell you "where is Kris Allen". They had a camera on the runway at the airport last night to watch for Kris (a little ridiculous), but I am addicted to the coverage! He is such a cutie!
It is unbelievable all the stuff Kris has planned for one day. This is all of the people that showed up to watch Kris at the River Market.
I am also excited because tomorrow Dennis and I are leaving for Las Vegas!!!! I am so excited and I jut cant hide it!! I need a break so bad. Dennis had a meeting planned for Monday so we thought I would come along and we could go a few days early and make it a long weekend. I have never been there. My mom and dad are keeping Parker. We dont really have anything planned and that makes me so excited!!! I cant wait to sleep in, go shopping, lay by the pool and just have a fun and relaxing time!! Please let me know if you have any suggestions on "must see" places!


Mar Mar said...


I am Mandy Osborne's mother. I got to your site because of the title of this post. I, too, am a big Kris Allen fan!

Anyway, Vegas is a favorite place of mine. Where are you staying? You must see Bellagio, and particulary the Conservatory. They change the flowers in there 5 times a year. Also be sure and see the dancing waters out front that is coordinated to the music. See it after dark.

Go to Margaritaville. It's the #1 grossing restaurant in the United States.

The Shops at Caesar's are a must. Watch the statues come alive.

And visit the Shops and ride the gondola at the Venetian. Pay particular attention to the white statues in there. They are actually models who look like statues. If you leave money at their feet, they will smile at you.

All the big casinos along the Strip are great to see and great for people watching.

There are great restaurants in Vegas, too, so bring lots of money if you want to eat good! I love the Mexican restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel casino, the Japanese restaurant at Caesar's, all the restaurants at Bellagio. Spago at the Shops at Caesar's is a great place to eat lunch and people watch.

Margie Duncan

Allison said...

I probably saw your blog a while back but just stumbled upon it again today. I have to say your little Parker reminds me a lot of my Joshua! Josh is 2 months older than Parker & also has HLHS. Looks like they are doing about the same type of stuff! Anyway, good to see a fellow HLHS kiddo doing so well!