Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend and a new trick

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend. It rained the entire weekend and we pretty much did absolutely nothing. On Saturday night we did have a few friends over to eat burgers, but it rained so they girls stayed inside and talked and the boys stayed outside under the patio and talked. You would have thought we were in 6th grade!!! On Sunday it poured ALL DAY!! We didnt go to church because Parker got a cough and runny nose and we didnt want to risk it in the nursery. He is getting 4 teeth right now!
On Monday my parents came over and my mom and I made blackout drapes for Parker's room. My mom and I made drapes for Parker's room before he was born and I was cheap and didnt want to spend the money on blackout fabric. Well, it is a must in his room. During the day he will not take naps in there because the sun beats right on his window. It gets so bright in there and it gets really hot. He has been taking naps in our room in his pack and play for a couple of months now and it is really inconvenient when I am trying to do laundry and other things I TRY to do on the weekends.
Here is my mom sewing one of the panels.

Since The drapes were already beautiful and fully lined we didnt want to mess with them. (did I mention that this window is 12 feet tall!!!!!) We made 2 blackout panels with a pocket at the top for the rod. I think I will post how we put them up on tomorrow's post. We did it a little different and it makes all the difference! I will also include a picture of the pretty drapes ( I am very proud of them!)
Parker learned a new trick this week!! He learned how to lick the icecream off of the cone! He would usually just pucker his lips up and put them on the icecream. I know this is silly, but it is just one more thing that he has learned to do..he is growing up so fast!

I just had to show you a picture of how Parker likes to sit all the time now....with his ankles crossed. This is how he sits everywhere, in his highchair, carseat, everywhere.
Here are just a few pictures of Parker having fun at the office. This is his last week of being at the office full time with me!. He starts daycare on Monday.