Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bouncy Fun!!!

This past weekend Stephen, Sarah and Sydney came over. It was the one day that it didnt rain in the past 2 weeks! So, we blew up the bounce house!! Parker and Sydney are finally big enough to play in it all by themselves. They had so much fun! Parker got so sweaty!

There were two slides. He would go down the little slide face first and then climb back up it all by himself!!

Daddy had to help him with the big slide.

They had so much fun crawling all over each other.

Daddy had to get in and play too!

They wore themselves out and got SOOO dirty! Every crease on Parker was black!
So, they had to take a bath and get all cleaned up! Sydney even borrowed a pair of Parker's "boy" pajamas. Sydney and Parker went to sleep and the grownups just hung out. It was a really fun evening!
The best part was that Parker slept until 11:00 the next morning!!!


the osbornes said...

so fun!! Where did you get that bounce house?