Thursday, October 16, 2008

Powder Puff and Friends

On Tuesday night we went to my sister's powder puff game. I remember when I was in highschool...I loved the powder puff game during homecoming week, it is a flag football game between the junior and senior girls and Football players are the coaches. Kelsey was the center and she wasnt the greatest, but she did improve ALOT by the end of the game. I gave her the most improved award! The very first play of the game two girls got hurt, a girl from each team. One of the girls was laying out of the field for like 10 minutes and we had no idea what was going on!! We found out that her knee had popped out and there just happened to be an orthopeadic surgeon at the game and he popped it back into place!! but they called an ambulance and it was a huge ordeal! So, there was like a 20 minutes pause in the game after only one play! It was kinda funny. Kelsey is a junior and they lost 28 - 7.

Me and Parker

Parker and Kelsey

Last night Danny and Brittani came over and we watched the finale of Project Runway. I was kinda sad the Korto from Little Rock got second!! Danny and Parker always have fun playing!
Here is Parker working on pulling up! I am so excited that he can sit on his knees! This is a big step!