Monday, October 6, 2008

First day of therapy

WOW!! I think therapy was harder for me than for Parker. We had our first day of physical therapy today at Easter Seals. It was suppose to be for an hour, but Parker only made it for 45 minutes. He cried the entire time. The picture below is a picture of the first 30 seconds and then he started crying. It was so hard not to pick him up and just leave. I held him alot of the time to try and calm him down, but only when the therapist asked me to (I was good!). She assured me that every baby gets upset their first time and it will get better. He gets so sweaty and hot when he is upset. We used holding him as incentive for him to roll over or sit up. It worked pretty good. He is learning that you can go and get what you want. He is the only baby I have seen that is just content with sitting still. I know I will wish he was like that when he is going everywhere, but he needs to crawl (it's what babies his age do). He did so good!! He can already roll from his back to his stomach by himself!! We have lots of stuff to work on this week and we go back next Monday. I cant wait to see what a week will do if he can already roll over with one day!! Thanks for all of the prayers. It was a tough day for Parker and for his mommy!


Simmons Family: said...

Poor Parker... he was totally out of his comfort zone. Poor mommy for having to watch Parker be so sad :(. Our PT comes to the house and Owen can usually only make it about 45 min, sometimes 20 before he is just exhausted. It's worth it to just get some advice on exercises to work on at home... the times that PT is not around and it's just me and Owen... those are the times that he improves the most.