Friday, October 17, 2008

Another day of therapy

Well, today we had our third therapy session this week. This week has been really tough on me. He is still crying the entire time, but the crying isnt as hard. On Monday I am just dropping him off to see if that helps the crying. Maybe if he doesnt see me, he wont want me. So, today in therapy we were really trying to get Parker to put weight on his arms. Whenever you put him in a position to put weight on them he just bends them and pulls them up. SO, we have a new contraption for his arms. ...
This will keep his arms straight when we put him in the crawling position so that he has to use them! We werent making him work when I took this picture. He just thought they were funny and he was flapping his "wings"!! And they didnt have two matching splints so he will be all mismatchy!


Cortney said...

Hi Kali! We went to the pumpkin patch out at Mayflower. It was great! Your little guy would enjoy all there is to see!

You have a beautiful family!

Simmons Family: said...

LOVE rhe pumpkin costume!! What will his therapist come up with next?! Owen does the same thing with his arms....they collapse when he puts weight on them.

So impressed with his pulling up!!!