Thursday, October 9, 2008

Four years and going strong!

Today Dennis and I have been married for four years!! Wow!! So much has changed but so much has stayed the same too. This time last year I was pregnant and we were getting ready for our sweet little Parker and now we have our perfect little family and we are getting ready for Parker's first birthday!! We have grown up over the last four years but we are still just as silly as we were the day we met over 6 years ago. I love Dennis so much and everyday he gives me more reasons to fall even more in love with him. We have definitely gone through some rough times. I think that is what has made our relationship so strong. We have also had some really amazing times too! I cant wait to make so many more memories with my two special boys!
Tonight Parker is going to parents's house and we are going to go out to dinner and maybe to a movie. It will be nice to have a night without Parker and not really have a plan. We can just do what we want!! Parker is staying the night and I will go get him first thing in the morning on my way to the office.


The Mason Family said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shannon Mason