Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Contraption

Well, as you all know, Parker started physical therapy last week. He did great all last week and is rolling over more and more. His biggest problem is having the desire to want to get places and get things. He will be playing with a toy and I will move it so he has to get it and he just forgets about it. He would rather just lay there. Right now we are working on getting him to learn that he can roll across the room to get something. We had our second therapy session yesterday and Parker did a tiny bit better, but he still cried the whole time. She wants us to work on getting his chest, neck and arms stronger.....that is where the contraption comes in. This makes Parker hold his head up. We are suppose to get him to play with toys with his arms while in this. He looks happy in the pictures but that only lasted about 20 seconds. He gets sooooo tired after about 2 minutes. Usually when he is on his stomach and he gets tired he just lays his head down on the ground. Well, he cant do that when he is in this thing. We are going to put him in it 3-4 times a day and hopefully each time he will be able to do it longer and longer. This will help him be able to bear weight on his arms---he cant do that AT ALL!! And it will help him be able to get into the position to crawl. He cant go from sitting to his stomach because that requires weight on his arms. I hope this works!! Please pray! We go back tomorrow!! We are going 3 times this week...This is hard work for my sweet Parker! He is so amazing!!


Simmons Family: said...

I love that idea!! Sounds like Parker and Owen are pretty much working on the exact same thing. Owen will get on his tummy and then roll right to his back. If I move a toy, he's like "oh well, I'll just stare at the ceiling then". Can't wait to see Parker crawling soon!!