Monday, August 11, 2008

Funeral in Memphis

This past Friday we had to go to a funeral in Memphis for my Aunt's step-son. I didnt know him very well because they live in Memphis. My Aunt married his dad four years ago and we would seen him on Christmas and that was about it. It was very sad; I knew how sad my aunt was. She had lost her own son about 6 years ago. My aunt has been so supportive throughout my life. She has especially been there for Parker.
After the funeral we went back to my aunt's house and had lunch. I sat Parker on the couch to go get a plate of food and when I came back I this is what I found....

How cute is this!!! That is my grandfather. They were just talking to each other!

After all the events (funeral, grave side service) Parker was worn out. He has never fallen asleep on me before. There wasnt anywhere to lay him down so I just laid back. He fought it for a few minutes but then just fell asleep. It was so sweet! I loved every minute of it.